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Cancel Diamond Resorts Membership

This is a question that a lot of people seem to ask and is probably the most common question I get sent to my inbox. How can I cancel my Diamond Resorts Membership? The short answer is not easily because whilst people like to think that they are a member of a club, that you […]


Diamonds Resorts Sponsors John Cook PGA Star

Diamond Resorts recently announced sponsorship of PGA golf star John Cook. As part of the sponsorship deal, John Cook has pledged to attend golf clinics that are hosted by Diamond Resorts. In addition to attending the golf clinics, the golfer will also make selected visits to EVENTS OF A LIFETIME™and owner golf tournaments. The successful golfer […]


Review of Diamond Resorts International

I have been a member of Diamond Resorts International since 2003. Well thats not strictly true, I joined what was the Grand Vacation Club or GVC for  short. Shortly after joining GVC it became Sunterra before Diamond Resorts International eventually purchased it. With over 10 years experience of being a member I have to say […]